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Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 4:49PM
House of Ayurveda

The House of Ayurveda in Northbrook, IL is one of the best Ayurvedic holistic healing centers I have been to. The center piece of this incredible place being Dr. Vladmir Kazinets

My son suffered from a fever of unknown origin for almost a year. We bounced from infectious Disease Specialists to every known specialist to help diagnose why my son was getting a fever every day sometimes touching 103. Multiple courses of antibiotics did nothing. Diagnosis varied from Rhuematic fever to we do not know. Tests proved every diagnostic possibility null and void. We had over 20 blood tests, 5 X-Rays, 2 CT Scans, and 1 MRI over the course of the year and there still was no answer. The specialists were baffled and we lost all hope for an answer. We were getting ready to go to Mayo clinic as the last resort when my nephew recommended the Dr. Vlad who had cured him of a chronic stomach illness which potentially required surgery and with just 1 consultation. We walked into Dr. Vlad's office not sure and very skeptical. It took just 1 consultation, a diagnosis and recommendations of dietary changes and herbal supplements and in 3 weeks my son was free of the fever. It has been 4 months thanks to Dr. Vlad and we are out of a veritable nightmare. I think Dr. Vlad does not only bring his extensively Ayurvedic medical knowledge, training and experience to the table but also has the unique intangible healing touch that does the magic, much like the doctors of the past.

Thank you would be a gross understatement of our sentiments for Dr. Vlad. He was a god sent messenger who rescued us from a dire situation. His clinic offers the end to end of gamut Ayurvedic Medicine ranging from herbal medication to massage.

Pari Sivakumar Lake Zurich, IL

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