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I went to The House of Ayurveda because I was suffering from the effects of medication and an auto-immune disorder that resurfaced after being dormant for some time. I knew I needed help and had planned to go to India for an extended stay. Instead, I discovered that Vladimir was literally around the corner from me - in Northbrook! I immediately felt comfortable and cared for by Vladimir Kazinets, the Ayurvedic practitioner whose practice is at the core of The House of Ayurveda. He carefully and competently assessed my nutritional and doshic needs, offering me practical advice and a simple but complete program for restoring my health. Within a few months' time I have found balanced health. I've discovered that it's important to see Vladimir on an on-going basis so that our changing needs can be addressed, as we heal. I also know that his advice is given from the head and heart combined, and that resisting or avoiding following it is nothing less than self-destructive. Vladimir understands health. I recommend his work highly, and will continue to relay on his clear guidance.

Ellen Katz, MS, LMFT

Clinical Director, INNER BALANCE

Northbrook, Chicago, Palm Springs




“Beyond cure!
The House of Ayurveda in Northbrook, IL is one of the best Ayurvedic holistic healing centers I have been to. The center piece of this incredible place being Dr. Vladmir Kazinets
My son suffered from a fever of unknown origin for almost a year. We bounced from infectious Disease Specialists to every known specialist to help diagnose why my son was getting a fever every day sometimes touching 103. Multiple courses of antibiotics did nothing. Diagnosis varied from Rhuematic fever to we do not know. Tests proved every diagnostic possibility null and void. We had over 20 blood tests, 5 X-Rays, 2 CT Scans, and 1 MRI over the course of the year and there still was no answer. The specialists were baffled and we lost all hope for an answer. We were getting ready to go to Mayo clinic as the last resort when my nephew recommended the Dr. Vlad who had cured him of a chronic stomach illness which potentially required surgery and with just 1 consultation. We walked into Dr. Vlad's office not sure and very skeptical. It took just 1 consultation, a diagnosis and recommendations of dietary changes and herbal supplements and in 3 weeks my son was free of the fever. It has been 4 months thanks to Dr. Vlad and we are out of a veritable nightmare. I think Dr. Vlad does not only bring his extensively Ayurvedic medical knowledge, training and experience to the table but also has the unique intangible healing touch that does the magic, much like the doctors of the past.
Thank you would be a gross understatement of our sentiments for Dr. Vlad. He was a god sent messenger who rescued us from a dire situation. His clinic offers the end to end of gamut Ayurvedic Medicine ranging from herbal medication and personalized nutritional plans to various treatments, massages, energy healing sessions.

Pari Sivakumar Lake Zurich, IL”

A godsend, I came to see Vladimir Kazinets at the House of Ayruveda so very tired and depleted.  My mind was foggy, my joints were sore, and I was crabby. 
I had worked with few different practitioners over the past years, but despite my discipline in following their recommendations, my conditions didn’t get better.
I was referred to Vladimir Kazinets by one of my close friends, who had few serous health issues and was helped by Vladimir at the House of Ayurveda.  Vladimir’s thoughtful guidance has helped me immeasurably. I am so very grateful.  Vladimir created individual life style plan for me, which included herbal treatment and some nutritional adjustments.  It is so easy to follow (verses various diets, I’ve tried before). Now I eat till I am satisfied, and I feel good, not deprived, nor bloated. I have much more energy and much better mental clarity.   I am filled with joy, pain free, and I’ve lost 30 pounds. 

Thank you Vladimir Kazinets and the House of Ayurveda


Dianne Hofner Saphire

Intercultural organizational consultant


Mazatlan, Mexico


I am a family nurse practitioner who prefers to use natural healing when possible, rather than pharmaceuticals, for myself and my clients.

I saw Vladimir because of issues I have with depression and anxiety including disorganization, indecisiveness and lack of energy.

Vladimir was thorough in his assessment and provided a treatment plan for me which included herbals, diet changes and massage oil.  I noticed results within several days.  I felt more present, optimistic, clear and focused.  I used the herbs for one month and continue to follow the diet and use the massage oil.  Thank you Vladimir.  I respect your knowledge and the valuable contribution you make to your client's emotional and physical wellness.  Best wishes!

M.B., Family Nurse Practitioner


 I started having a sinus problem after about half a year I moved to United States from Ukraine. It started with my sinuses being stuffed; always having mucus in the back of my throat and the worst was a bad taste and smell in my mouth that came from the sinuses. I was 15 then and thought that it would go away by itself. A few years down the road I still had it and started seeing a doctor after doctor, multiple tests were done and x-rays, I was given different drugs and sprays for my nose, but nothing helped and no one could figure out what was the problem and what caused it. For 10 years I had that problem. It had lowered my self-esteem and I was more closed in, because I could not be close to people because I had bad breath because of the problem. Until one day, one of my good friends said to me, “I KNOW YOU HAVE YOUR PROBLEM AND I HAVE A PRACTITIONER THAT MIGHT HELP YOU. HE SPECIALIZES IN AYURVEDA MEDICINE AND I KNOW A FEW PEOPLE THAT HE HAS HELPED."  I was skeptical at first because I have been to so many different doctors, but I went to him with big hopes.  After two weeks of taking herbal medicine that Vladimir Kazinets gave me I felt that the mucus was going away and the bad taste and smell went away. I WAS AMAZED. After another two weeks my problem completely went away. Nobody could do what Ayurveda and Vladimir Kazinets did. He listened to what I had to say about my problem and he helped me to get rid of it.  Now I got my self-esteem back and my confidence after 10 years of suffering. Now I can be around people and talking to them without standing two feet away. Thank you Vladimir Kazinets, you are my savior. I would recommend Certified Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner Vladimir Kazinets to anybody who has had a problem for many years and cannot get rid of it. Ayurveda works, it can save you!

Thank you, Vladimir Kazinets

Irina Klimin,

Morton Grove, IL


I met with Vladimir after a year of having a daily Mysore yoga practice and becoming interested in Ayurveda.  I knew that I needed to have someone with strong knowledge who could help me along this path.  Vladimir put together an full daily routine that helped me maintain the feeling I get from my morning practice all through the day, which I struggled with before.  I was really impressed with how fast my internal body changed from even a short time on the routine.  Ayurveda has helped me grow into then person I love being. Yet, from the third day of following Vladimir Kazinet's Ayurvedic guidance, I felt an unusually quick return to feelings of normalcy. To feel healthy and growing in strength feels indescribably good and joyous. Returning to a life of balance by following Ayurvedic principles, is giving me my life back.

Local: 224-723-5797
Kirk Warner

The letter I received couple days ago from one of the House of Ayurveda guests:  "Hi Vlad
After visiting House of Ayurveda for the first time earlier this week I felt like writing to you with the words of gratitude. You've created a wonderful place with an atmosphere of its own that makes people feel welcome the moment they step over the threshold. I felt very much at home there from the first minute. And I also liked your attitude - so open and friendly and sincere. Thank you for that.
I will certainly keep an eye on everything going on at your wonderful place.
Looking forward to new encounters
With love and gratitude.
Natasha Pokaschevska"

Никогда раньше я не слыхал об Аюверде и скептически думал о моем первом визите. Я ходил ко многим врачам с проблемамие желудочно кишечного тракта. Они приписывали мне успокоительные лекарства для желудка, к сожалению проблема не уходила.  Мне посоветовали обратиться в House of Ayurveda и так я познакомился с Владимиром. В действительности я был удивлен методом диагностики и необычным подходом к моим проблемам а так же способом их лечения.  В состав лечения входили, чаи и таблетки из натуральных трав, специфические дыхательные упражнения, диета построенная на методах древней науки Аюверда. Результаты превзошли все мои ожидания. Через неделю я почувствовал значительные улучшения моего желудочно кишечного тракта а так же другие изменения в моем физическом состоянии которых я даже не ожидал. Прошли боли в спине которые избавили меня от визита к херопрактору, нормализовался вес, улучшился сон и появилось больше жизненной энергии.  Теперь я с большой благодарностью и уважением отношусь к Аюверде и в частности к Владимиру Козинец. 

Yuriy Tolstov, Vernon Hills IL.

Несколько месяцев тому назад, до того, как я попала на приём к Владимиру Казинцу в Дом Аюрведы я страдала перепадами кровяного давления (вегето-сосудистой дистонией), болями в суставах, головными болями, нарушениями цикла, проявляющимися в очень болезненной форме, оттёчностью ног, проблемами в работе кишечника, депрессией, и другими недугами.
Буквально с первых дней после консультации, в результате которой мне был подобран протокол траволечения и составлен индивидуальный план питания, начались положительные изменения - полностью исчезли головные боли и нормализовалось кровяное давление, начал восстанавливаться цикл.
В течении первых двух месяцев, я потеряла боллее 10 фунтов.
Сейчас я чувствую себя совершенно здоровой, и от прежних недугов и проблем со здоровьем не осталось и следа. Даже оттёки на ногах, беспокоившие меня более 20 лет полностью исчезли.
Спасибо Дому Аюрведы и Владимиру Казинцу!

Gala Joy, Vernon Hills, IL

My name is Alla. I'm 25. I suffered migraines and headaches for more than seven years. I've been noticing recently that attacks have become more frequent. I could have 2-3 migraines per week. Plus I constantly felt tired, sleepy and dizzy. Since I'm not a big fan of traditional medicine, my friend recommended me House of Ayurveda. During a personal consultation Vladimir gave me a lot of new and useful information. He designed a meal plan for me and herbal treatment which I strictly followed for a month. Results left me speechless!!!!! I noticed changes right away. I feel great! I didn't have even one headache for past month. I'm very grateful to Vladimir and House of Ayurveda for my amazing feeling and wellbeing. And also for introducing me to a super delicious herbal coffee and tea.

Thank you, Vladimir!
Alla N. Bensenville, IL




I want to express gratitude to Vladimir Kazinets for taking time to counsel me over the phone on the importance of following an eight point Ayurvedic protocol to help heal my adrenal and thyroid issues. You'll find his credentials below  -

I'm also including his contact information.

I've met with many wonderful Western physicians over the last six years who have been helpful. I'm proud to say my oldest son is in medical school. I've taken prescription medications, had countless IV's, and sought to overcome fatigue so profound it has left me sleeping 12 - 15 hours a night. At one point I was so weak, I was unable to open my eyes or speak for 16 hours. 

Thank you for your help, Vladimir!

You can contact Vladimir Kazinets here:

Toll Free: 855-OUR-VEDA 

I also left testimonials here:

Karey Shane,

Orem, Utah 


 Заболевания щитовидной железы излечимы с помощью Аюрведы!


My name is Gala Joy.

Few months ago, before making an appointment for a personal wellness consultation with Ayurvedic practitioner Vladimir Kazinets at the House of Ayurveda, I suffered Migrane headaches, blood pressure issues (up and down), painful periods, edema (water retention), joints pain, depression, poor digestion and other health issues.

I started feeling significant improvement after first few days of following herbal treatment and personal nutritional plan, created for me by Vladimir Kazinets, the headache was completely gone, blood pressure normalized, there were also great improvements with my cycle. 

During the first two months I lost more than 10 lb.

Now, after following the Ayurvedic protocol for a few months, I am completely free of all the diseases. Even water retention, which I suffered for the last 20 years, is gone.

Thanks to the House of Ayurveda and Vladimir Kazinets!

Gala Joy, Vernon Hills.


TGIF! Today 20lbs lighter and A1C dropped to 6.0. Planning to continue being healthy and fit. Thanks Vladimir Kazinets for your guidance and wisdom. Thanks to my friend for planting the bug in my head that Ayurveda may be the key to manage my diabetes.

Kalpana Nimkar (Buffalo Grove, IL)


Здравствуйте, Доктор! 

Спасибо за возможность написать отзыв для Вашего сайта

Mеня зовут Анна Мазур (Равал), я из Санкт-Петербурга (Россия) и мне 27 лет. На протяжении трёх лет я жила с хронической формой атопического дерматита (нейродермита). Были обширные высыпания по телу, нестерпимый зуд, отеки кистей рук и лица. Я обращалась к различным специалистам, но, к сожалению, улучшения были непродолжительными. 
Моё знакомство с Владимиром Казинцом состоялось этим летом. На сайте международной аюрведической ассоциации муж нашёл русскоговорящего врача. Мой муж родом из Индии, и не понаслышке знаком с Аюрведой. Мы обратились за помощью. Мне были даны рекомендации по образу жизни и питания. Из-за запущенного состояния организм перестраивался около двух месяцев (в этот период обострения не стихали). Лечение продолжилось с применением натуральных травяных лекарств. Доктор следил за всеми изменениями и корректировал мои шаги.
На сегодняшний день кожа очищена почти по всему телу (очаги остались на кистях рук и голенях), зуд и отеки ушли. Значительно улучшилась работа внутренних органов и самочувствие.
Испробовав разные способы лечения, тем, кто страдает таким же тяжким недугом, я рекомендую обратиться в Дом Аюрведы к Владимиру Казинцу.
Большое Спасибо за Помощь и Ваш Труд!
Анна Мазур (Равал), Санкт-Петербург (Россия)


 I was in chronic pain and suffering terrible with fatigue when I came to House of Ayurveda. I have an underactive thyroid and fibromyalgia, in addition to a myriad of other health problems. My first appointment with Vladimir was thorough and informative. He listened carefully to my symptoms and went to work finding what my issues were in my body. He identified foods I needed to avoid because of sensitivities, as well as prescribed daily Ayurvedic Herbs for me to take. I love his approach of restoring my body to a healthy state. While my diet restrictions are not always easy, the fact that within 30 days I am pain free and have much more energy is promising. For years my joints have left me in chronic pain, but not any longer! An added bonus is the 6 pounds I lost. Thank you, Vladimir and House of Ayurveda! 
Michele Fisher, Orland Park, IL


"I had symptom of Gout in late 2014 but it disappeared by taking normal pain killer. Again it reoccured in Sep-2016, this time it was very painful. I don't take pills that easily that was my last option! But had no choice i was given steroids this time for cure :(.. obviously the pain was gone with a day or two. Somehow i was not happy and wondered there should be natural way of healing. To my utter dismay the pain again occured in Dec-2016 however this time i was sure not to take short cuts and go for natural medicine. That's when i found "House of Ayurveda"..  Vlad was very cordial and knowledgeable. He assessed my condition, food allergies and gave external patch to be applied and herbs to consume. In less than 3 days i was 80% fine and in 5 days i was completely alright!!. I was happy that my initial thoughts were correct, there is always natural way to get yourself cured. In India Ayurveda is an easy reach but Vlad like folks walked extra mile in getting this system of medicine alive here too.. Big Thanks to Vlad for making this available for entire community of Chicago folks!"

Madhav Muraleedaran


"The herbal supplements and the health consultation made it possible for me to completely stop taking the anti-depressants I took for 19 years. I feel no depression, no side-effects nor withdrawals. I just feel great! I feel more awake, aware and in touch with my emotions. Vladimir K. mixed the herbs especially for my body after the consultation. He's a certified Ayurvedic medicine practitioner.
I also was introduced to a healing energy stones at the House of Ayurveda, which I love! I'm going to keep taking my herb and other supplements - I'd rather take care of my health naturally vs. taking artificial chemicals. I completely recommend trying it out!

Cosima Aryee
Round Lake Heights, Illinois"

I had to undergo a surgery for Endrometrosys a year ago. The recovery was very rocky and frustrating. I would have bouts of shivering and the next moment I would feel hot all over (hot flashes). I would be thirsty all night. I was having widely fluctuating BP, sometimes very very high and other times dangerously low. I was also having dizziness throughout the day 24x7. Various doctors treated me to multiple medications and even multiple physiotherapy treatments. Nothing helped and things were getting worse. My body was reacting adversely to English Medicine. I was beaten down and in a desperate situation, low moral and low confidence.

I good friend of mine referred me to Dr. Valdmir who practices Auryuveda Medicine which is an ancient Indian holistic system.

Dr. Valdmir patiently went through the details of my case, talked to me in detail and carefully designed a treatment exclusively for me, which includes a full diet and herbal medicine with no side effects. The treatment was going to address my issues with BP, Hotflashes, Dizzyness, Endrometrosys and weight.

Like a miracle his caring touch turned the page around in 4 weeks!!! and my BP stabilized so much that my regular doctor was astonished and stopped BP medication all-together. The dizziness was gone, no more shivering or hotflashes, no waking up in the middle of night out of thirst. Quality of my life has shot up, confidance levels are back again. As an added bonus, I have started losing weight.

I have recommended my husband and some of my close friends to Dr. Valdmir with similar results.

I am glad to have been treated by Dr. Valdmir.

Warm Regards and Thanks.
Chandrika Shivanapur, Bolingbrook, IL


"I suffered from High BP ( 180/110) Plus Neck and Back Pain. My friend recommended me House of Ayurveda. During a personal consultation, Vladimir gave me a useful information. He designed a Meal Plan for me and herbal treatment which I strictly followed for a month.I noticed that within 3 weeks my BP came down to normal and there is no Back Pain. I am very grateful to Vladimir. and House of Ayurveda. Suvek Tandon "